Online Reading Quran/Tajweed Course (Level 1- 3)

Self Paced

Monthly Fee: £40

The student will learn to develop firm foundation and become competent in reciting the Quran. After completion of Level 1 & 2, the student will progress to the advanced level to read from the Mushaf (Quran) to improve their recitation further and some memorisation of Surah’s from Juz 30

Level 1

From Surah Al-Baqarah to Surah At-Tauba (Juz 1 to Juz 10) & Tajweed rules.

Level 2

From Surah Yunus – Surah Furqan (Juz 10 to Juz 25) & Tajweed rules.

Level 3

From Surah Ash Shu’ra – Surah An Naas (Juz 25 – Juz 30)

Memorization of Surah’s from Juz 30 (30+ Surah's)