1- No Travelling

There is no need to travel from one place to another to learn Holy Quran. It can all be done from the comfort of one’s home. All this also provides for change and relaxation from the studies that you have concentrated on for so long. It makes learning an interesting process while incorporating more knowledge.

2- Qualified Tutors

Our teachers are highly qualified and are experienced teachers. Every teacher is gratuated in Islamic Studies (7 year Islamic Educational Background) and have years of teaching experience. Every teacher is good Qari (Reciter of Holy Quran). They teach according to the needs of their students and are highly flexible. They are permanently employed by our institute, so they are available at any time.


3- Affordable fee

Saving money is one of the primary advantages of attending online Classes. The ever-rising tuition cost has been a problem for many years for many peoples. Online classes are less expensive and an increasingly good bargain.


4- Convenient and Flexible learning Atmosphere

There is nothing more convenient than attending Online Classes from the comfort of your own home, while on break at work. An online Class gives more options as far as when you have to complete your course work, and the schedule of when you do this work is strictly in your hands. This convenience factor is motivating many people to learn Online Islamic Education.

5- Learn While You Earn

Syed Imran Shah (Stoke,England) is a 37 year old. He has graduated from University, and wants to learn the Quranic Knowledge for successfulness in this world and hereafter but with a family to support he can’t afford to be without his job. Syed Imran has a really good paying full time job.Syed made the decision to attend online courses at AMOI. That way he can continue his job and learn the Holy Quran with good recitation skills and study the Islamic sciences that he knows he will need for fulfilling his Islamic duty.

6- Learn Self-Discipline

As an online student you will learn to develop the techniques of self-discipline, self-motivation and time management. Every one of these disciplines is of immeasurable value when you get into the working world. If you work well alone, have computer sense, and have access to the Internet you are an excellent online student candidate. Research has shown that the number one ability that successful online students possess is time management.


7- Not-for-Profit


AMOI is not-for-profit. All donations and proceedings from the program go to the Tutors/Online Institute.