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Al Madina Online Institute aims to provide online services to learn Quran and its sciences worldwide.


It is a great opportunity for those students who possess the passion to study the Quran and its Sciences. Now students can learn the Quran and its sciences from the comfort of their homes from anywhere in the world. All you need is just a computer with high speed internet connection.

Break your barriers to oceans of knowledge with Al Madina Online Institute.

-Aim to Achieve Quality rather than Quantity-

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Excellence of Seeking Knowledge

Say: “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge” 

(Surah Ta'ha V-114)

It is only those who have knowledge among His servants that fear Allah.
(Surah Fatir V-28)

Whosoever Allah wishes good for, He gives him understanding (Fiqh) of the religion.

(Sahih Bukhari - Sahih Muslim)

The Prophet (Pbuh) said ; "Acquire knowledge and impart it to the people."
(Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 107)

“After the obligatory deeds, nothing is more beloved to Allah (SWT) than studying knowledge".

(Imam Shaf'i A.S)

Al Madina Online Institute is the platform from which children and adults can benefit from. 

AMOI online courses will help one understand the code of conduct laid down by Allah The Almighty, It will help them in becoming a better Muslim and consequently a productive member of the society.